Welcome to BORG

The Borg project is a framework for building MMORPG systems entirely written in C#. Borg is free and open source software (for commercial use with credit). Borg provides the infrastructure and development framework with features like account authentication, database management, automatic file updates, networking and a client library for developing 3D games. BORGserver is currently developed on and for the Windows operating system, although BORGserver being programmed in C# is inherently portable.

Using BORGserver you can develop everything from a small social game to a large MMORPG. The framework aims at developing a reference game based on XNA on the client side and a custom written C# backend with MySQL / MSSQL support on the server side.  Other components include an FTP or webserver like apache or IIS for file distribution and automatic patching.

The BORG server is currently in RC stage but there are a few Indie and commercial games successfully utilizing the Borg framework.
Although the framework is already very capable, the reference game is still in early development.

We are actively looking for developers around the globe to help with the project. Programmers obviously need a strong interest and skills in C#, if possible with MySQL/MSSQL knowledge. If you are interested in the project, please join us on the forum.

Borg uses UDP for client/server communication which is based on the lidgren network library.

A typical Borg environment consists of the following basic software parts:

  • Borg Login server
  • Borg World Server
  • World server extensions
  • Borg server framework
  • Borg shared library
  • Loader / Patcher
  • Game client
  • Worldbuilder

Borg actually consists of at least three server applications, normally four are used:

  • One and only one Log-in server
  • Any number of World servers
  • A database server like MySQL or MS SQL
  • Optional: a file-update server (FTP or HTTP)
Date: 26. March 2010
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